Rules and Policies

Age Restriction

Please note that this larp is age restricted. All players must be over 18 at the date of the game. You will be asked to provide proof of age through photo ID or passport on site.

The phrase “young things” refers to people of all ages; there is no upper age limit to being a young thing. 

Alcohol and drugs

Burn Bright Young Thing will be a dry larp. This means that while there will be mocktails and virgin drinks posing as alcohol for the purpose of getting in-character drunk as well as candy serving as fake drugs, there will be no real alcohol served at any time during the game or actual drugs consumed. Real life drinking in moderation is reserved for off-game times before and after the larp. 

Due to the themes of the larp including substance use and abuse, there will be mock-drugs provided by the organizers. This will most likely include and is not limited to, cocaine and morphine. We ask participants to not bring their own fake drugs to play with (or real ones for that matter). There will be enough for everyone and it will be clearly labelled as to what is what to rule out insecurities about the actual contents of what is being consumed.

We ask all players to respect these policies so everyone can have a safe game.


All characters are non-gendered, players may choose their character’s gender upon casting.

Because of this and the predetermined nature of the character relations, there will very likely be same-sex married couples within the larp. This anachronism will be played on as normal and can be explained by the “parallel universe” which is the world of the insanely rich and famous of the time. They could just get away with anything, they were untouchable because of their wealth, so nobody would bat an eye when two men or two women got married to each other.

The second anachronism that is likely to be present is women in high ranks of the military. There are a few characters who have / or had a career in the military. Should these characters be cast as female, it will be played on as not being out of the ordinary to avoid irrelevant sources of conflict.

Communication with the organizers

We absolutely need a steady and reliable way of communication between participants and organizers. Any and all important matters will be dealt with via email from our official email account: [email protected]

Participants are asked to check emails and spam folders regularly for updates. Unresponsiveness concerning e.g. payment deadlines or waiting list spots will lead to you losing your spot on the casting or waiting list, whichever applies. It is up to the organizers to decide how long to wait for a response before consequences are put in place. In general, deadlines and consequences will be announced via email.


There will be themes of death and dying in the larp and the character backgrounds. The main plot of the larp is for the party to be a wake. The characters are just leaving the memorial service of someone they knew. Also, WWI will show up in some of the characters’ backgrounds. However, war and politics will not hold great significance for the larp itself due to the fact that it is set in a fictional country. 

We invite participants to explore the theme of loss, grief and a dangerous spiral that comes with the high society lifestyle of the time. It will, however, not be allowed to overdose or commit suicide before the end of the game. Larpers are encouraged to aim for high drama and intensity. Characters may take their last breath in unison with the last minute of the larp. 

This rule is set in place to ensure great and intense play for everybody. We firmly believe that in such a small group of characters, the death of one will force the tone for other characters’ experience into a specific direction and that’s something we look to avoid.

Johnny's Last Wishes

Dear departed Johnny was a scallywag and a trickster right to the end… and beyond! Tonight is not just a party but also how Johnny intends to distribute his belongings and fortune after death. Don’t expect anything as boring or straightforward as a will reading, however. Johnny wants all of his dearest friends to have a chance to earn a memento of him by doing something outrageous. Tonight, everyone will get their chance. 

We have introduced this game mechanic to improve play, initiate actions and help players who might feel stuck. 

How it works

An NPC administers the last wishes. They have a hat filled with tasks and challenges that characters can perform to win a part of Johnny’s estate. When they feel like it, players reach into the hat to pull out a task, or the NPC gives them one. After performing the task, the character returns to the NPC with proof, or the character performs the task where they can see it. If they decide the task has been adequately fulfilled, they ring a bell and announce what the character has won. The NPC's is final. 

Examples (note that you only find out what the prize is after completing the task): 

  • Stand on a table and sing a song (become the owner of Johnny’s box at the Opera). 
  • Get someone to agree to loan you $100,000 (get $1 million from Johnny’s estate). 

Some notes 

  • Do NOT announce what your task is when you read it. That could spoil the fun. 
  • Do NOT pre-cook the tasks with other players. It is too easy if someone agrees to do something only to help you get the prize. It is far better to manipulate them into it. 
  • Do play along with someone trying to get you to do something. Don’t immediately assume that they are proposing something silly to win a prize. 
  • You CAN enlist other players to help you but do it discreetly. 
  • Do not take this mechanic too seriously off-game. The tasks will not help you “win” the game. The “rules” are loose, arbitrary and quite probably inconsistent. In-game it would be great if you take it terribly seriously, of course. All of the useful Nordic larp concepts of play-to-lift and play-to-lose apply here.  
  • Like everything at this consent-driven larp, the tasks are optional. You are never required to do anything you don’t want to do. In that case, simply ask to return the task to the hat and take another one. However, we encourage you to give it a try even if it is a bit out of your comfort zone. 

Playing on physical escalation

Physical escalation, be it violent or romantic, will be played on through the technique of slow escalation. We will use immersive verbal triggers (e.g. “Is that all you’ve got” / “Lay off”) to escalate and de-escalate. Also, we will offer and explain several techniques to portray scenes in an immersive way while respecting each others’ boundaries. 

We want to make it clear that while physical closeness and intense play on romantic intimacy (e.g. real life kissing) are allowed, enthusiastic and informed consent is our highest rule. No participant “has to” kiss anybody or allow someone to touch them. There are other ways to play on that which we will cover in our pregame workshops.


Participants are expected to engage in at least some communication with each other a few months before the larp takes place. Players of characters who are married or otherwise related to each other are expected to at least come to a consensus about names. We are looking for a collaborative experience which is made great by the active involvement of participants, we don’t want to larp AT you, but WITH you, which is why we are asking larpers to be open and inclusive towards others at all times.

Same-Sex ingame relationships

While being allowed to opt out of romantic / sexual main plot altogether, players cannot opt out of having a character with bi- or homosexual romance. This larp’s target audience are people who are comfortable with playing on romance / sex with any gender while of course taking into account personal boundaries and the rules of enthusiastic consent.