BBYT is a not for profit larp. It is being created by a team of volunteer organizers in their spare time next to their normal lives with (full-time non-larp) jobs, studies, spouses, kids etc. However, the venue and all the luxuries that come with it are very expensive, which is why the ticket price is relatively steep for a one-day event. We want to encourage participants of all financial backgrounds to sign up and have a chance at larping with us. So, please, talk to us about it and we will try and make it work with the help of this beautiful, supportive community.

We are offering various ticket options:

  • Regular Ticket (€250)
    This is the price we need to ask in order to cover everything: The venue, the food and drink, the tram ride, other expenses.

  • Generous Ticket (€300)
    The additional money goes towards subsidizing Sponsored Tickets.

  • Sponsored Ticket (€15O)
    This is for people who for whatever reason need a discount. We will not ask for a reason or proof. We trust participants to sign up for this only if they feel they need it. Unfortunately, discounted spots can only be granted if the respective amount is covered by Generous Tickets or donations.

  • Other amount >€250
    Any amount larger than €250 goes directly towards the discounted tickets. This helps us make BBYT more accessible for participants with less financial means / stability.

  • Donation regardless of casting (Any amount)
    This goes directly towards letting someone with less financial means attend BBYT. This donation does not influence your chances of getting a spot. You agree to make it regardless of the outcome of the casting. 

       Should you choose to make a donation, we will contact you about it asap. 


The price includes:

  • A ticket to the larp itself
  • A fully playable character sheet with pre-designed relations to other characters
  • An off-game brunch during workshops 
  • A lavish Eastern-inspired, vegan and gluten-free “mezze” dinner on Saturday
  • All non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages provided by the venue
  • A 1-hour (approximately) in-game ride in a vintage tram.

The fee does not include accommodation, travel or any meals not mentioned above.

Payments can be made in 3 instalments:

1st lump €50 non-refundable deposit, due 15 January, 2024 or when accepted from the waitlist. 

2nd and 3rd lumps are half of the rest respectively. Due dates will be announced later.

We can’t list all possible variations here, because the possibilities are practically endless.


Should BBYT be cancelled or postponed, there will be full refunds issued all around. 

Should you need to withdraw from the event, you will get a refund under these conditions:

- Your character has been successfully recast and the new player has paid their ticket

- You have a Standard or Sponsored Ticket


You will receive your refund as soon as the replacement player has paid. 

Any additional amounts included in Generous Tickets are non-refundable. They directly fund the Sponsored Tickets so a Sponsored Ticket-holder would have to drop out if we refunded it all.

The organizers will not make any refunds for travel, accommodation or other indirect costs.