The setting for the larp is the 1920s, but there are no firm guidelines or requirements with regard to costume other than for it to be roughly period-appropriate. The main request is: 

Be Fabulous! 

This is a decadent party where the upper levels of society come to show off. Everyone will enjoy the game more if characters look a bit out of the ordinary. Of course, if your character is an iconoclast who shows off their wealth or disdain for others by dressing in shabby working clothes, that works too. Without defining specific requirements, the organizers ask you to be creative, put in the effort you can and…. Be Fabulous!

April in Switzerland can be warm and sunny or chilly and rainy. Be prepared for anything. Some action will happen on a tram and an unheated but partially covered deck. Your costume should accommodate being outside for at least some of the larp. 

About fur

We allow real fur to be worn at the larp as long as it is “old fur.” That includes heirlooms or second-hand/vintage pieces. We do not encourage or condone the purchase of new fur for this occasion.